Nickel & Rose Album Release on December 9, 2016, 12:00 PM



When two of Milwaukee’s most versatile musicians join forces to form a duet, it’s worth taking notice. NicKel & Rose are Carl Nichols and JoHa Rose who are currently touring Europe and Israel until next Spring. But you can hear their first album release at the VoodooHoney’s Unveiling Party this Saturday, December 10, at Company Brewing.

JoHa Rose is known throughout the music community for her blazing red hair, rapacious upright bass style, etheric vocals and lyrics that are both inspirational and revolutionary. When in Milwaukee, she leads the provocative New Boyz Club, is a member of the all-female group Ruth B8r Ginsburg, plays upright bass for her brother William Rose’s band Airo Kwil and is a regular with the bluegrass group The Thistledown Thunders. She’s also an organizer and fundraiser for social change, particularly for women’s health issues. Rose is one of the founders of Riverwest FemFest, which donated a large portion of its proceeds to the Milwaukee Women’s Center.

Guitarist/Vocalist Nichols is known for executing Reggae and West African music with his own brand of heavy metal styling. He studied African guitar in Senegal which led him to play with Sindoolaa and Alioune Guisse’s international touring band. Local audiences are accustomed to seeing Carl share the stage with Painted Caves, New Age Narcissism, RAS Movement and De La Buena.

Together, Nichols and Rose have created relaxed recordings that draw upon each of their strengths as musicians/songwriters. Even though their collaboration is relatively new, Nickels & Rose sound as though they’ve been working together for years. The tracks are relaxed and never overwrought and makes one want to hear more from these two talents.

The Nickel & Rose Listening Party is part of VoodooHoney’s inaugural event which features some of the city's most popular musicians, including Monique and Chauntee Ross of SistaStrings, provocative rapper Lorde Fredd33, Singer-songwriter-rapper Klassik, B-Free as a solo jazz artist, and the newly formed band The Truth. Rising poetry star Kavon Cortez-Jones and Brit Nicole will be doing Spoken Word performances.

VoodooHoney Records’ Unveiling Party takes place from 10:30 pm on Saturday, December 10 to 2:30 am on December 11 at Company Brewing, 735 East Center Street.

The album will be available on all major platforms and at 12:00 PM Central time Friday, December 9nth, 2016.

Below is the 3rd track from the EP "circles"

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