Tribe Uncovered at Company Brewing this Thursday





This season’s first Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride on Thursday, June 15 and the much-anticipated After Party promises to be electrifying. Now in its eighth year, the Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride is teaming up with VoodooHoney Records for the official Album Release of the “Tribe Called Quest” reinterpretation concert recorded live at Turner Hall earlier this year.


Curated by Klassik and featuring the talents of Foreign Goods and Lorde Fredd333, the Tribe performance brought together a wide range of artists active in the Milwaukee music scene. This After Party marks a bittersweet chapter for Foreign Goods as a band; it will be Klassik’s last performance with the group because he’s pursuing a solo career as a composer and performer.


The June kickoff is the first of many collaborations between the Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride and VoodooHoney Records. “I’m very excited to work with an event that’s so unifying for the Riverwest neighborhood and shows so much support for the Body Positivity movement. Steve Roche is the ‘Bike Guy’ around here and everybody loves him,” said VoodooHoney founder and curator Jay Anderson.


The MUBR started out as a one-time ride for a birthday eight years ago. Those first riders enjoyed it so much that it’s become a favorite Riverwest event. Over the years, volunteers, bike enthusiasts and Riverwest neighbors kept expanding it.


“It made sense to collaborate with VoodooHoney on this. Foreign Goods played its first public show at the Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride two years ago,” say Roche.  “I’ve known Jay for years and love the music and the work he’s doing in the city. I was really inspired when I saw the Tribe show back in January and that’s when we started talking about working together. I was a concert promoter for years and this is a great way to tap into that experience.”

The After Parties have become as popular as the MUBR itself. Some favorite After Parties included the former band Kane Place Record Club playing on a boat ride and New Age Narcissism at Tonic in Bay View. The locations are often kept a secret, like when a park pool was rented for all the bikers to cool off after the event. This year, partnering with George Bregar of Company Brewing for the upcoming After Party is a natural connection because of Bregar’s commitment to local music and art.

Most of all, the volunteers of MUBR love how much it has come to mean to people. At least two people who met during one of the rides and got married years later. It’s a welcoming and safe the ride for both participants and viewers. If there’s a motto attached to the Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride, it’s: “Everyone is welcome!”


The Milwaukee Underwear Bike Rides have grown into a mobile festival that explores the city via bicycle. It gives people a reason to get excited to tune up their bicycles, many buying a bicycle just to participate, and to simply get out and ride.


There will be more Underwear Bike Rides in July and August. Rides always meet in public, outdoor spaces. Volunteers and participants congregate, collect clothing donations, paint faces/bodies, distribute patches, stickers, and/or spoke cards for donations, and socialize with friends and strangers alike for an hour before taking off.


Both newcomers and seasoned pros are urged to be safe, wear protective headgear and lights, and to check this webpage for more details:

There’s also a Facebook page with helpful details about signing up, routes, volunteering opportunities, etc.



Typically the Ride is 10-15 miles, with a mid-ride stop to break up the distance and socialize. The route is planned out ahead of time, then rode in advance by friends and volunteers who then lead the Ride on the night of the event. It goes through several neighborhoods to promote visiting some special spots around the city, so the organizers ask that riders respect to their environments and clean up after themselves.


The Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride is also an important fundraising event. This summer volunteers will be collecting clothing donations for Pathfinders, a housing/shelter space for runaway, throwaway, and homeless youth in Milwaukee that focuses on education, family engagement, and youth empowerment. Pathfinders is in need of men’s clothes and larger size women’s clothes. They’re requesting garments that are gently used, clean, and appropriate for teenagers/young adults and need men’s boxers, women’s underwear, socks, bras, white t-shirts and men’s white undershirts. To learn more about what Pathfinders, visit


The cost of the After Party is a $10 wristband and the show begins at 10pm at Company Brewing on Center Street in Riverwest. Sponsors of the event include: Company Brewing, MKEBKE, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Surly Brewing, Vulture Space and Wheel & Sprocket.



Voodoohoney Records Presents: B~free & Klassik "come over"

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, frequent collaboration partners B~Free & Klassik return with a fresh take on Aaliyah’s R&B ballad, ‘Come Over.’ With co-production & arrangement by the dynamic musical duo themselves, the cover yields a nostalgic storyline of a romantic rendezvous through warm melodies, soulful harmonies & witty wordplay set to an energetic pace. Mixed & mastered by Cristian Strehlow of Noh Life, the track serves as an exclusive release from their affiliated culture label - Voodoo Honey Records.







Voodoo Honey Records presents:

B~Free & Klassik "Come Over"

Prod. & Arr. by Klassik & B~Free

Mixed & Mastered by Cristian Strehlow

Nickel & Rose Album Release on December 9, 2016, 12:00 PM



When two of Milwaukee’s most versatile musicians join forces to form a duet, it’s worth taking notice. NicKel & Rose are Carl Nichols and JoHa Rose who are currently touring Europe and Israel until next Spring. But you can hear their first album release at the VoodooHoney’s Unveiling Party this Saturday, December 10, at Company Brewing.

JoHa Rose is known throughout the music community for her blazing red hair, rapacious upright bass style, etheric vocals and lyrics that are both inspirational and revolutionary. When in Milwaukee, she leads the provocative New Boyz Club, is a member of the all-female group Ruth B8r Ginsburg, plays upright bass for her brother William Rose’s band Airo Kwil and is a regular with the bluegrass group The Thistledown Thunders. She’s also an organizer and fundraiser for social change, particularly for women’s health issues. Rose is one of the founders of Riverwest FemFest, which donated a large portion of its proceeds to the Milwaukee Women’s Center.

Guitarist/Vocalist Nichols is known for executing Reggae and West African music with his own brand of heavy metal styling. He studied African guitar in Senegal which led him to play with Sindoolaa and Alioune Guisse’s international touring band. Local audiences are accustomed to seeing Carl share the stage with Painted Caves, New Age Narcissism, RAS Movement and De La Buena.

Together, Nichols and Rose have created relaxed recordings that draw upon each of their strengths as musicians/songwriters. Even though their collaboration is relatively new, Nickels & Rose sound as though they’ve been working together for years. The tracks are relaxed and never overwrought and makes one want to hear more from these two talents.

The Nickel & Rose Listening Party is part of VoodooHoney’s inaugural event which features some of the city's most popular musicians, including Monique and Chauntee Ross of SistaStrings, provocative rapper Lorde Fredd33, Singer-songwriter-rapper Klassik, B-Free as a solo jazz artist, and the newly formed band The Truth. Rising poetry star Kavon Cortez-Jones and Brit Nicole will be doing Spoken Word performances.

VoodooHoney Records’ Unveiling Party takes place from 10:30 pm on Saturday, December 10 to 2:30 am on December 11 at Company Brewing, 735 East Center Street.

The album will be available on all major platforms and at 12:00 PM Central time Friday, December 9nth, 2016.

Below is the 3rd track from the EP "circles"

Write here...

Welcome to VoodooHoney Records!


After weeks of social media buzz amongst musicians and music lovers, the highly anticipated unveiling of VoodooHoney Records is slated for Saturday, December 10 at Company Brewing in Riverwest. The newly-formed record label represents a roster of musicians and artists who have all made their mark in Milwaukee this past year.


VoodooHoney’s inaugural event will feature some of the city's most popular musicians, including Monique and Chauntee Ross of SistaStrings, provocative rapper Lorde Fredd33, and the newly formed band The Truth. Rising poetry star Kavon Cortez-Jones will be doing Spoken Word performances and the evening’s entertainment will also feature special performances by two acclaimed solo artists.


Although they are classically trained musicians, it’s obvious that SistaString’s first love is gospel music. Their sound is a soulfully unique blend of their eclectic musical backgrounds. Known as a “songwriter, mantra constructor/conductor,” Lord Fredd33’s powerful lyrics collide with the graceful anger of his stage movements to challenge audiences’ thoughts on race and equality in America. Poet Cortez-Jones has been called Milwaukee’s “Black Bob Dylan” and the “poeticized Jimi Hendrix.” He’s a teaching artist at The Milwaukee Repertory Theater and has self-published a homage to his hometown in the book “Club Noir.”  The Truth, the newest group in this roster, calls itself a “local four-piece funk, soul, and alternative R&B” group formed by Chris Gee (Christopher DeAngelo Gilbert) and Saxophonist/Producer Jay Anderson. They’re joined by Bo Triplex (Bo Triplex and His Beautiful Band), on bass. Bo is known for his high-energy baselines and infectious smile and his work with the popular group New Age Narcissism (NAN). Chris Gee’s dapper sense of fashion and dance moves have taken him to Los Angeles where he was a regular on Nickelodeon’s show “Yo Gabba Gabba.” Back in Milwaukee, he’s a consummate performer and fellow member of NAN.


VoodooHoney Records is the dreamchild of musician and Black American Arts Curator Jay Anderson. The company aims to become a central hub serving Milwaukee artists and creativity-driven industries. By fostering and promoting new work in music, the written and spoken word, visual media, fashion and other arts-related business, VoodooHoney is creating a web of connections throughout the city. Anderson has drawn together a host of Milwaukee’s creative innovators and supporters, including promoter David Ravel, artist Reginald Baylor and Digital Director for Radio 88.9’s Tarik Moody as Artistic Directors and writer Brooke Maroldi as the company’s Chief Editor. Musicians in VoodooHoney’s roster include Britney Freeman-Farr (B-Free), Kellen Abston (Klassik), Christian Strehlow of Noh Life, all as Associate Producers.




  • Jay Anderson - Founder and Executive Producer

    Chief Editor - Brooke Maroldi

    David Ravel - Artistic Director

    Reginald Baylor - Artistic Director

    Tarik Moody - Artistic Director/ Digital Distribution

    Danny Zelonky - Associate Recording Engineer

    TImothy Russell - Associate Recording Engineer

    Jeremy Thomas - Associate Recording Engineer

    Rachel Hughes - Graphic designer

    Jenny Vanderheiden - Graphic Designer

    Jamie Breiwick - Graphic Designer

    Weston Ritch - Chief photographer

    Mahdi Gransberry - Associate Photographer

    Rob Randolph - Associate Photographer

    Brittney Freeman-Farr - Vocal Coach/Associate Producer

    Christain Strehlow - Associate Producer

    Kellen Abston - Associate Producer

    Quentin Farr - In-House Director of Bands

    Christopher DeAngelo Gilbert - In-House Choreographer/Director of Fashion


VoodooHoney Records’ Unveiling Party takes place from 10:30 pm on Saturday, December 10 to 2:30 am on December 11 at Company Brewing, 735 East Center Street.