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Groove Theory: The Sounds of 90’s Black Cinema


Presented by VoodooHoney & Black Lens
The unofficial soundtrack to the neo-soul generation, Love Jones’ mixture of jazz, poetry, and R&B captured the essence of a mid-1990s cultural movement. Milwaukee’s top performing artists will cover songs from Love Jones as well as music from other classic black movie soundtracks celebrating anniversaries, such as Boomerang, Soul Food, and more.

This event is a part of Black Lens' 20th-anniversary salute to the film Loves Jones. For more information on other Love Jones related events, visit the Black Lens Facebook page at

#MFF2017 #BlackLensMKE

$10 at the door, Cash Only
ATM Available

This is a 21+ Event

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to Oct 1

B~Free's Dirty 30 for the 99s & the 2000s!

Voodoohoney Presents: B~Free’s Dirty 30 For the 99s & the 2000s!


Performances by:
Christopher DeAngelo Gilbert
Dailen Harris
Kyndal J. Music
Lorde Fredd33

Tributes to: 
Destiny's Child
Ja Rule & Ashanti
Pharrell Williams & The Neptunes

Music by: DJ Bizzon / Tarik Moody


10pm door// $10 cover

* PLEASE NOTE: Tickets for complimentary chicken wing servings will be distributed to a select number of guests upon arrival. Remaining servings of chicken will be sold for a small fee, while supplies last *


For twenty-nine years, the month of September has held an extreme amount of significance for me; from the start of autumn to album releases and above all, my day of birth on the 18th. This September, in particular, is extremely special as it will mark the one year anniversary of my sophomore album 'Ode 2 A Luf Affair' as well as my THIRTIETH circle around the sun! Join me at my second home for a dance party and tribute concert that will pay homage to some of my favorite Hip Hop and R&B gems from my adolescence such as Cash Money, So So Def, Destiny’s Child, The Neptunes and MUCH more! So dust off ya Air Force Ones, throw on ya jersey dresses, sweat bands and 3XL T-Shirts and meet me at Company for this dopetastic affair! #BFreeDirty30

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Strange Fruit 2

Strange Fruit 2

21167557_1866390750347718_2066523835228976043_o (1).jpg



MILWAUKEE, WI - Now in its second year, The Strange Fruit Music Festival returns to explore the thoughts and emotions of local musicians regarding current racial relations in Milwaukee and the country as a whole. The event occurs from Wednesday, August 30 through Friday, September 1 at the Washington Park Bandshell, Gibraltar MKE and Company Brewing.

Last year’s Strange Fruit Music Festival was created in response to the back-to-back murders of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesotta. Chauntee Ross, of the duo SistaStrings, invited friends to her house to discuss what they, as artists, could do to counter the rising violence against young Black men. It became an impromptu cooking and clearing experience, a communal meal where the group not only broke bread as a family unit but also joined creative forces. Joined by Jay Anderson and her sister Monique Ross, the group discussed the importance and responsibility of educating both their own community and neighboring communities who have limited understanding of and connection to multiple positive and creative representations of people of color. 

For many who attended, the Festival was offered deep insights into how the musical community wanted to trust each other, learn together, and grow together. During one performancel, sirens could be heard nearby. Social media shares in the audience revealed that yet another young Black man had been shot by a police officer, making the necessity for the Festival all the more clear to all involved. 

The festival creators are following up the first year’s Strange Fruit simply because progress regarding the racial climate in the Nation in general and Milwaukee, in particular, is progressing at a glacial crawl. For many, it feels like the gains made in equality through the Civil Rights movement over 40 years ago are quickly eroding away. 

The festival’s name was inspired by a song made famous by Billie Holiday and written by Abel Meeropol after he saw a photograph of a lynching in the South. The photo “haunted him for days” and he wrote a poem to express his sadness and horror. The lyrics never mention lynching, but the message is clear: 

Southern trees bear a strange fruit,
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,
Black body swinging in the Southern breeze,
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.
Pastoral scene of the gallant South,
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth,
Scent of magnolia sweet and fresh,
And the sudden smell of burning flesh!
“We have Nazi riots in the middle of the country, we still have people of color being gunned down or subjected to the new Jim Crow laws, and we have a president in office who openly supports and defends these things. In this type of environment, the Strange Fruit Festival will exist as an annual event highlighting the conversation, the emotions, and the progression forward, through music, art, poetry, and conversation,” said Anderson, Founder of VoodooHoney Records. “Working with an almost completely new roster of musicians this year. We look forward to having others join us in this effort to promote the world our music deserves to live in.” 

The Strange Fruit Music Festival also echoes the sentiments of Leonard Bernstein in response to the murder of John F. Kennedy: “We musicians, like everyone else, are numb with sorrow at this murder, and with rage at the senselessness of the crime. But this sorrow and rage will not inflame us to seek retribution; rather they will inflame our art. Our music will never again be quite the same. This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.”

Wednesday August 30th
Tarik Moody and James Julius Anderson present:
The Diaspora Orchestra at the Washington Park Bandshell

Thursday August 31st at Gibraltar Mke
Brit Nicole
Taj Raiden
Mikey Cody Apollo
Bo & Airo
No Seat Belts

Friday September 1st at Company Brewing
Dasha Kelly Hamilton and Still Waters Collective
VoodooHoney Horns
Kavon Cortez-Jones
Kevin Hayden Band
David Wake Quintet
Black and mad

our Vendors this year are
Lilo Allen with Papyrus & Charms
Mikey Cody Apollo with House Of Renji

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Tribe Called Quest Uncovered Underwear Bike Ride





This season’s first Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride on Thursday, June 15 and the much-anticipated After Party promises to be electrifying. Now in its eighth year, the Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride is teaming up with VoodooHoney Records for the official Album Release of the “Tribe Called Quest” reinterpretation concert recorded live at Turner Hall earlier this year.


Curated by Klassik and featuring the talents of Foreign Goods and Lorde Fredd333, the Tribe performance brought together a wide range of artists active in the Milwaukee music scene. This After Party marks a bittersweet chapter for Foreign Goods as a band; it will be Klassik’s last performance with the group because he’s pursuing a solo career as a composer and performer.


The June kickoff is the first of many collaborations between the Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride and VoodooHoney Records. “I’m very excited to work with an event that’s so unifying for the Riverwest neighborhood and shows so much support for the Body Positivity movement. Steve Roche is the ‘Bike Guy’ around here and everybody loves him,” said VoodooHoney founder and curator Jay Anderson.


The MUBR started out as a one-time ride for a birthday eight years ago. Those first riders enjoyed it so much that it’s become a favorite Riverwest event. Over the years, volunteers, bike enthusiasts and Riverwest neighbors kept expanding it.


“It made sense to collaborate with VoodooHoney on this. Foreign Goods played its first public show at the Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride two years ago,” say Roche.  “I’ve known Jay for years and love the music and the work he’s doing in the city. I was really inspired when I saw the Tribe show back in January and that’s when we started talking about working together. I was a concert promoter for years and this is a great way to tap into that experience.”

The After Parties have become as popular as the MUBR itself. Some favorite After Parties included the former band Kane Place Record Club playing on a boat ride and New Age Narcissism at Tonic in Bay View. The locations are often kept a secret, like when a park pool was rented for all the bikers to cool off after the event. This year, partnering with George Bregar of Company Brewing for the upcoming After Party is a natural connection because of Bregar’s commitment to local music and art.

Most of all, the volunteers of MUBR love how much it has come to mean to people. At least two people who met during one of the rides and got married years later. It’s a welcoming and safe the ride for both participants and viewers. If there’s a motto attached to the Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride, it’s: “Everyone is welcome!”


The Milwaukee Underwear Bike Rides have grown into a mobile festival that explores the city via bicycle. It gives people a reason to get excited to tune up their bicycles, many buying a bicycle just to participate, and to simply get out and ride.


There will be more Underwear Bike Rides in July and August. Rides always meet in public, outdoor spaces. Volunteers and participants congregate, collect clothing donations, paint faces/bodies, distribute patches, stickers, and/or spoke cards for donations, and socialize with friends and strangers alike for an hour before taking off.


Both newcomers and seasoned pros are urged to be safe, wear protective headgear and lights, and to check this webpage for more details:

There’s also a Facebook page with helpful details about signing up, routes, volunteering opportunities, etc.


Typically the Ride is 10-15 miles, with a mid-ride stop to break up the distance and socialize. The route is planned out ahead of time, then rode in advance by friends and volunteers who then lead the Ride on the night of the event. It goes through several neighborhoods to promote visiting some special spots around the city, so the organizers ask that riders respect to their environments and clean up after themselves.


The Milwaukee Underwear Bike Ride is also an important fundraising event. This summer volunteers will be collecting clothing donations for Pathfinders, a housing/shelter space for runaway, throwaway, and homeless youth in Milwaukee that focuses on education, family engagement, and youth empowerment. Pathfinders is in need of men’s clothes and larger size women’s clothes. They’re requesting garments that are gently used, clean, and appropriate for teenagers/young adults and need men’s boxers, women’s underwear, socks, bras, white t-shirts and men’s white undershirts. To learn more about what Pathfinders, visit pathfindersmke.org


The cost of the After Party is a $10 wristband and the show begins at 10pm at Company Brewing on Center Street in Riverwest. Sponsors of the event include: Company Brewing, MKEBKE, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Surly Brewing, Vulture Space and Wheel & Sprocket.



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VoodooHoney Unveiling Party!
to Dec 11

VoodooHoney Unveiling Party!

After weeks of social media buzz amongst musicians and music lovers, the highly anticipated unveiling of VoodooHoney Records is slated for Saturday, December 10 at Company Brewing in Riverwest. The newly-formed record label represents a roster of musicians and artists who have all made their mark in Milwaukee this past year.


VoodooHoney’s inaugural event will feature some of the city's most popular musicians, including Monique and Chauntee Ross of SistaStrings, provocative rapper Lorde Fredd33, and the newly formed band The Truth. Rising poetry star Kavon Cortez-Jones will be doing Spoken Word performances and the evening’s entertainment will also feature special performances by two acclaimed solo artists.


Although they are classically trained musicians, it’s obvious that SistaString’s first love is gospel music. Their sound is a soulfully unique blend of their eclectic musical backgrounds. Known as a “songwriter, mantra constructor/conductor,” Lord Fredd33’s powerful lyrics collide with the graceful anger of his stage movements to challenge audiences’ thoughts on race and equality in America. Poet Cortez-Jones has been called Milwaukee’s “Black Bob Dylan” and the “poeticized Jimi Hendrix.” He’s a teaching artist at The Milwaukee Repertory Theater and has self-published a homage to his hometown in the book “Club Noir.”  The Truth, the newest group in this roster, calls itself a “local four-piece funk, soul, and alternative R&B” group formed by Chris Gee (Christopher DeAngelo Gilbert) and Saxophonist/Producer Jay Anderson. They’re joined by Bo Triplex (Bo Triplex and His Beautiful Band), on bass. Bo is known for his high-energy baselines and infectious smile and his work with the popular group New Age Narcissism (NAN). Chris Gee’s dapper sense of fashion and dance moves have taken him to Los Angeles where he was a regular on Nickelodeon’s show “Yo Gabba Gabba.” Back in Milwaukee, he’s a consummate performer and fellow member of NAN.


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