Jay Anderson


1.) Death (Produced By Klassik)

2.) Flamenco Sketches, Live at Company brewing (featuring M.Davis, M.Shiner, E.Bender)  

3.) A Night In Tunisia, Sherman Park Uprising Remix (Feat. Stomata & Jordan "Madhatter" Lee

4.) The Pomegranate

5.) Hashish

6.) Off The Grid

7.) The Superpsychedelicazation of Hypersexuality in stasis existence

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“Jazz?” is a compilation of one-off recordings composed mostly by Anderson, a kind of tour de force reminiscent of Prince’s early albums because Anderson plays most of the parts. The tracks range from watery, poetic contemplations of “Death” to raw expressions of anger and frustration depicted in “A Night in Milwaukee.” This track mixes Jordan Lee’s samplings of news reports of recent police shootings of a young Black man in Sherman Park with a frenetic version of Dizzy Gillespie’s “Night in Tunisia” played by Anderson’s jazz trio Stomata.